Devotional Videos

A Passion Project

I have been making devotional videos in the protestant episcopal tradition and posting them to my YouTube channel for some time now. This is purely a passion project of mine, which combines my spirituality with a desire to get better at video production and editing. Below is what I think is the best and most professional of my videos so far.

Professional Work

I have been working on the COTC website quite a bit.

I have begun my first web design internship, working technically for OSU Newark, but mostly on the website of the institution where I am a student, Central Ohio Technical College (COTC). It’s little things, but I’m so proud that someone thinks I’m good enough to show my work to the general public, and even prouder that I’m apparently astonishingly fast. The site is here, my fellow intern and I updated the plans of study for 2020-2021 school year.

Student Work Uncategorized


A newsletter for my college, made in InDesign as a class project for DMD 201.  A PDF version is available.